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KUM is a nonprofit, volunteer organization that works in the area of ​​Kumrovec county. The aim of the association is, through a variety of activities, to connect with other organizations in Croatia and abroad, and to improve the lives of young people through workshops, concerts, exhibitions and the like.

The Association was founded in 2009, on the initiative of a few young people from the area of Kumrovec. The Association initially implemented environmental actions in which the members of the association arranged two parks in the centre of Kumrovec, and in one of them, they made ​​a playground for beach volleyball with the help of the National Trust SWING, and cleaned the solid waste from the pool area of Sutla. They organized several humanitarian actions to help Sports Society of Kumrovec, Fire Department of Kumrovec and library of the Elementary School Josip Broz. There were lectures on free software in the Krapina-Zagorje County in order to familiarize young people with free software. For the youngest, they have organized a screening of the cartoons in the premises of the Old School, within the Museum ”Staro selo”, where the youngest could see where their grandparents went to school.

Since March 2013, the Association received the premises of the Municipality of Kumrovec, where they will organize a variety of workshops, concerts and the like.

Dejan Lutring, President of The Association of Kumrovec Youth