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Museum ”Staro selo” Kumrovec, is a unique museum in the country that shows the authentic look of Zagorje villages, people’s way of life, as well as customs and crafts that were part of the everyday life of ordinary peasants from this region, at the beginning of the 20th century.

About the Museum

The idea to include measures of monument protection of the old core of the Kumrovec village, was present even in 1947, when Marijana Gusic ethnographically processed Croatian Zagorje and wrote a study on the village of Kumrovec, centered in the birthplace of Josip Broz. Cultural-historical and art part of the museum exhibition was arranged, in 1950, by the academic painter Edo Kovacevic and prof. Zdenko Vojnovic, director of the Museum of Arts and Trades, while the home environment of the Broz family was arranged by prof. Gusic.

The Memorial Museum of Marshal Tito, who worked at the Ethnographic Museum in Zagreb, was founded in 1953. The most extensive restoration and reconstruction works of “Staro selo”, took place in the period from 1979 – 1985.

Today, ethno-village Kumrovec is most traditional interior in Croatia, that depicts the authentic look of Zagorje village in the early 20th century to the visitors. With about 40 restored buildings of traditional architecture, we can see how our ancestors lived. Arranged sets tell about the cutoms and daily life of peasants and their families on the one hand, and the various traditional crafts that secured the existence of the residents and their families in the village of Kumrovec, on the other hand. Here are, as well, traditional yards and gardens, barns and hampers – everything that made ​​a rich mosaic of life in the countryside. The birthplace of Josip Broz Tito, restored in the center of the village, contains ethnographic and historical display. Within the old school is the reconstruction of the former classrooms and the teacher’s apartment.

kumrovec_staro selo_kuca i dvoriste josipa broza tita
In addition to the tour of permanent exhibition sets, that show the traditional way of life of the Croatian Zagorje region in the late 19th and early 20th century, the museum offers a number of other interactive features for visitors – events and workshops, run by ethnologists experts in cooperation with the artisans of traditional crafts, tailored to the different ages.


Adresa: Kumrovec bb, 49295 Kumrovec
Phone/Fax.: +385 (0)49 225 830, +385 (0)49 225 833
Manager: Branka Sprem Lovric
Web adresa:

See the link on the website of the Museum “Staro selo” Kumrovec: VIRTUAL TOUR

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Art Collection
Historical Collection
A collection of children’s toys
A collection of nativity scenes
A collection of ceramics
A collection of baskets and knitted products
A collection of household inventory and rural furniture
A collection of masks
A collection of furniture
A collection of national music instruments
A collection of tools and utilities
A collection of Easter eggs
A collection of items from the Villa Kumrovec
A collection of national religious art
A collection of postcards and greeting cards
A collection of textiles and textile handicrafts

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In the fine atmosphere of a traditional village, you can see the following sets:
The old national school
The birthplace of Josip Broz
Economic object of the Broz family
Lifestyle and housing of a blacksmith family
Forging and shoeing crafts
From hemp and flax to linen
Wedding in Zagorje
The life of a young married couple
Artisans in the workshop
From grain to bread
Gingerbread and candlemaker crafts
Making of folk flutes and wooden toys
Life in the chamber
Pottery crafts
Life and economy of Zagorje family
Cooper crafts

kumrovec_staro selo_Panorama1

Mr. Sc. Branka Sprem Lovric Sprem (museum advisor)
Official employees:
Anita Paun Gadza, prof. (senior curator)
Mr. Sc. Dunja Saric (museum advisor)
Tatjana Brlek (senior curator/museum educator)
Kristijan Bezjak (senior conservator)
Josip Skvorc (conservator)