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Načelnik općine Kumrovec Dragutin Ulama
The Mayor of the Municipality of Kumrovec – Dragutin Ulama

Welcome to the website of the Municipality of Kumrovec – “The most famous village in the world”

I know, indeed, I am sure, that you will immediately say that we are a bit pretentious about our slogan, but when you get to know us, I am sure that you will, like many before you, agree with it.

Kumrovec by itself, along with all that was achieved in the past, has many other resources, I am sure of, that guarantee us a stable and sustainable development in the long term period.

Our development strategy is polyvalent and, in equal measure, aims toward development in all areas of society at the same time, and that is, of course, a complex task and it requires additional engagement of people chosen for its implementation.

In the economy, strategy is based on the tradition of this area, that is represented by its metal industry and trades, and of course, tourism, which is based on brands such as Josip Broz Tito, one of the most interesting figures of the twentieth century, a monument to the Croatian anthem, unique by its theme in the world, and Sidoniji Erdődy, the woman who first executed it; and of course, everything is dominated by the environment of one of the largest ethnic museums in Europe – “Staro selo” Kumrovec.

Grb Općine Kumrovec
Grb Općine Kumrovec

Also, no less interesting is the fact that approximately one-third of this small, but very well-known municipalitiy, is included in the European project NATURA 2000, with the task of protecting the flora and fauna of the river Sutla and Risvic mountain, the two sites of special significance due to its preservation and biodiversity of wildlife (flora and fauna).

All of this, that I stated in a few sentences, probably began to change your attitude about the justification of our slogan “The most famous village in the world”, and we did not even properly met, nor said anything about our tourist events, about our wine and food, and the attractions in our neighborhoods, such as Treme Olimija on the Slovenian side of the river Sutla, Terme Tuhelj en route to Zagreb, castles Veliki Tabor and Miljana, and famous Augustincic Gallery in Klanjac.

Come and see for yourself – you will be greeted by the friendly people of Zagorje, with the famous song lines that can often be heard here – “Welcome my friend.”

Dragutin Ulama
Mayor of the Municipality of Kumrovec