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At the entrance to the Museum ”Staro selo” inn “Kod Starog” is located.
Contact: Inn “Kod Starog” Josip Broz 24, Kumrovec, Phone: 049/553-089


Not far from the monument to “Our beautiful” is Villa Zelenjak-Ventek


Near ”Staro selo” is the restaurant  Pionircek. Works in the period from April 1 to October 15.


List of other catering establishments:

Caffe bar “Zgela”
Ravno Brezje 18
Phone: 049/553-243

Caffe bar “Prince”
Razvor 10
Phone: 049/553-906

Bistro “Njofra”
Cesta Lijepe nase 8
Phone: 049/553-458

Pastry Shop
Josip Broz 16
Phone: 049/553-793