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Association ”Our children” of Kumrovec was founded in November 1997.

The Association brings together 20-25 members, that carries out a series of activities, throughout the year, related to children:

1. In February, the Association organized the Children’s Carnival in collaboration with the Tourist Association of Kumrovec County, where the cash prizes are awarded to the best masks, commemorative award to kindergarten “Primrose”, and all masks get free donuts and chocolate that the Association provides on its own or in collaboration with sponsors. It has become a practice that the Association takes all masked children to the cinema show in Zagreb.

2. The association regulates children’s park in Kumrovec and usually, on Earth Day, organizes painting of benches and playings in the park, and arrangement of interior paths and flower beds.

3. In May, on Family Day, the Association organizes mutual picnic outdoors, in a park or on a playground.

4. In June, the best male and female student are awarded, according to the choice conducted among children.

5. In September, the Association traditionally, in cooperation with the Krapina-Zagorje County, organizes Children’s Art Colony, which brings together children from other “Our Children” Associations from across our county, so a dozen of associations gathers that way.

6. In October, Children’s Week is celebrated with a series of art and other creative workshops and, for 5 years in a row already, the Association organizes a companionship of our children, with children from the home Nazor in Zagreb.

7. In December, the Association organizes workshops for making greeting cards that are sent to new-borns, and packages for disadvantaged families and families with many children are made.

The Association also, before on its own, and now on its third year in a row, in cooperation with the Association of Homeland War Kumrovec – Zagorje villages, organizes a welcome for Santa Claus, with distribution of gifts and socializing in the municipal hall with a movie, snacks and drinks.

Additionally, members of the Association, along with our children, participate in art workshops of other ”Our children” Associations in our county.
By cake-baking we join in and participate in every event and thus complete the attraction of the Municipality of Kumrovec.
Great desire and the goal of the Association “Our Children” of Kumrovec, is building a booth in the children’s park, setting up additional playings and replacement of worn-out benches.