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The association was founded at the end of 2012, with the task to help the overall development of the Municipality of Kumrovec, and putting currently unused objects in Kumrovec in operation It acts as strictly partisan, and members of the Association can be all adult citizens of the Republic of Croatia, as well as adult foreign nationals. The main criterion by which the Association evaluates projects, by which the listed buildings are put into operation, is strictly the value level of the projects. That means that the preferred projects will be the ones of greater benefit to the Republic of Croatia, and not only for the local or regional level.IMG_7543

Association invites all friends of Kumrovec who wish to become members of the Association, to report to the Association for membership cards. The annual membership fee is 50,00 kn.

The Association invites friends of Kumrovec and Croatian Zagorje, that claim they could help out with their commitment, whether that regards on changing the ideas on how best to use the objects in Kumrovec, or whether they can help us with their professional engagement, lobbying or similar, to contact us.

Phone/Fax: 049/553 112
E-mail 1:
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