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The Association of winemakers, viticulturists and friends of the good wine “Hive”


The Association was founded in 2001, with the aim of:

– Rising the quality of wines by planting optimal wine varieties

– Applying modern technology in the grapes processing and storing them in the cellar for the production of quality wines, either for their own use or for sale

– Protecting the geographical origin of the wine, raising the wine culture from being connoisseur to the serving and drinking

– Actualizing the collaboration with other fruit producers for mutual exchange of the experiences

– Maintaining the practices related to viticulture and wine

In order to implement this goals, the Association regularly organizes lectures, educational tours in all wine-growing regions of Croatia, internal and county competitions in evaluating the wine quality, gala celebrating of the day related to viticulture, such as “Vince” “Bartholomew” and “St. Martin”.

The Association has 50 members.

Association president is Ivica Broz.