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There are two accommodation facilities in the municipality of Kumrovec.

Boarding house within the  Villa Zelenjak-Ventek consists of 7 double rooms with reception, equipped by high standards (Minibar, Clock/TV, WC/Shower room, Wi-Fi access).

That is the ideal solution for a long vacation in nature environment of Zelenjak.



Hostel Kumrovec is in the center of Kumrovec

This hostel is located in a green and relaxing environment overlooking the valley and the hills in the northwestern part of Croatian Zagorje. Nearby is the ”Staro selo”, a unique ethnic outdoor museum with preserved homesteads and crafts from the turn of the 19th/2th century. Around 20 minute drive from the hostel, there is a park Zelenjak with a monument to the Croatian national anthem, gallery Popijac in Risvica, regional collection and gallery Antun Augustincic in Klanjac, castles Miljan and Veliki Tabor, and wellness center Tuhelj.


The building of the hostel served as a police station. It was purchased by the Republic of Croatia in 2011, and due to the need for development of tourism in the Municipality of Kumrovec, converted into a hostel and is the property of Hostel Kumrovec d.o.o.

The accommodation capacities contains 63 beds, rooms for 2, 3, 5, 6 and 8 people. Hostel also has a coffee bar and its own parking.